Stock & Inventory

Capture stock, track levels & which items have been sold. Input information like serial numbers, price, manufacture date etc.

Project Management

Manage your business projects with a custom interface detailing relevant fields, options & selections pertinent to your business.

Tasks & Duties

Assign tasks to staff, set due dates, follow up & even receive reminders for tasks overdue & not resolved. An effective tool to improve support & client services.

Sales & Orders

Followup on sales, quotes & orders placed via email, or directly placed from you website. Never miss another opportunity.

Leave Applications

Employees can apply for leave through a management dashboard whereby it can be processed and approve/ declined, replacing the manual forms & paperwork.

Performance & Bonus

Capture, track & manage staff performances throughout the year. Detail key indicators that affect their bonuses & flag trends & patterns. 

Shift Change Requests

Staff who work fixed rosters can apply for shift changes through a dashboard. This is tracked & managed could ultimately feed a Time Management system or used to pay staff correctly.

HR Management

Store details of staff such as medical checkups, permits, reviews & other information pertaining to their employment in one central portal.

Property Management

Keep track of property listings, upload photos & capture details such as features as well as possible sales & interest.

Loan Applications

Staff can apply for loans at your business through a dashboard, which this can be managed & processed. A history & track record is key in knowing who has borrowed what, how much & how they will pay it back.

Customer Support

Log customer issues, update progress & collaborate with other help desk & support consultants & improve general customer service.

Document Library

Have a central database where various departments can upload and or access important documentation such as contracts, quotes, letters & project scopes.